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7th May

At 7:00pm

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Open Mic

1-2 songs each

Open Mic Info

Open mic to run a little differently to usual!!

To keep the live ethos of Plug&Play we will only post live pre-recordings, it's the best we can do with the technology we have.

If you want to participate you can press the 'live' button and record yourself. Once you have finished the post will await approval from an admin. We will amass all the offerings and publish them just before the event and then delete shortly after. Only 1 song per video, maximum 2 videos each.

The open mic recordings will be left on the site for a day or so, to enable you to tune in to Dan at 8pm.

So get busy with it and show us what you've got, by 6pm on the day.

About Dan Walsh


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Unless there is a dramatic change to our current situation we are planning for our next event to be a live stream also. All we want you to do is:

  • Sit back and enjoy the music.
  • Consider donating directly to the artist (musicians gotta eat too).
  • If you really dig it, but a CD.

St. Louis based musician T.J Muller performs early Twentieth Century music styles with gusto and charisma. Sharing his passion for music and history in every performance.

We are looking forward to seeing you all soon.

About Plug 'n' Play

Plug 'n' Play is run by local people, for local people.

About ten years ago, Phil Caton recognised that there was a need for a venue in Penrith where musicians and singers could perform live in front of an audience. Over the years, the format changed slightly and we started to invite professional artists to headline the night, with a Plug 'N' Play slot at the start of the evening. We have seen some amazing performances from international stars like Tommy EmmanuelJohn RenbourneKieran HalpinBob BrozmanMartin StephensonKristina Olsen and the late Isaac Guillory.

Many local people have made their stage debut here and several have formed bands with other performers they have met at the sessions. We have heard every genre of music played at Plug 'N' Play – rockbluesfolkjazzheavy metaljug band, appalachian – and we’ve even had poetry recitations.

If you have any names of performers you would like to put forward for future sessions, please speak to any of the team or post it to the website / facebook group and we’ll consider it when we meet to discuss the programme.

Thanks to Penrith Players for their continued support in helping us to keep Plug 'N' Play afloat.  They also supply the bar staff, who all work voluntarily, which is much appreciated.


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The Team

Meet the volunteering who help make Plug 'n' Play happen.

Speaker 2

Tom Corda-Stanley

Speaker 2

Chris Archer

Speaker 2

Clare Morris


Can't find the answer your looking for? Then please email us.

  • Do You Want To Take The Stage At Plug 'n' Play?

    All the sound equipment is set up before the session so that singers and musicians can, literally, just plug in and play. Soundman Tom Corda-Stanley and Chris Archer will be on hand to ensure that the equipment runs smoothly. New performers are always welcome and you can be assured of awarm response from the audience who have supported Plug 'n' Play over the years. If you do want to perform, just make contact with any of the team at the start of the evening or call Jackie Knox on 01768 867845

  • What Equipment is Ready Set Up?

    2x SM58 Dynamic Microphones, 2x SM57 Dynamic Microphones 2x DI Boxes, Soundcraft MPMi 12 Multi Purpose Mixer, Alesis Rever Unit, Behringer FBQ3102 Graphic Equalizer and 1 RCA Stage Monitor.

    On Request Equipment - Please contact us before you come if you would like to use any of the equipment below.

    2x Further DI Boxes, 4x Further SM58 Dynamic Microphones, Roland Electric Piano and Standard Drum Kit